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WYWyoming (US postal abbreviation)
WYWork Year
WYWeyland Yutani (movie)
WYWasted-Youth (Poway, California racing team)
WYWrist Yaw (US NASA)
WYWeb Year
WYOman Aviation Services Co (IATA airline code)
WYWashington Yards
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1, 2012, and taking 10 furloughs days for a 182-day work year.
This aspect of RAM can save us .5 work year. We plan to implement this RAM capability in mid-1997.
By contrast, not only were Hispanic mothers less likely to work year round full time than their white or black counterparts, but so were Hispanic fathers.
Still, Schor goes beyond the doctrines of economic rationality to make an essentially cultural argument about the "insidious cycle of work-and-spend" when she links insatiable consumer needs to the lengthening of the work year. She forcefully denies that contemporary consumerism is natural or even a reflection of individual choice.
Last bargaining session, the teachers and district both had proposals of 186-day work years, one more than this school year.
Podgursky cites "straight-time" hourly pay estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), which show K-12 teachers having a 38-hour work-week and a 37-week work year (which would end in April).
Are your emissions under this guideline for the 24 hour a day, 365 days a year work year EPA judges plants by?
Those who work year round full time have higher earnings than other working wives, and provide a greater share of family income.(4) For example, 54 percent of wives with earnings in 1991 worked year round full time, contributing about 41 percent of their families' incomes.
Schor's computations show that the work week and work year have been lengthening for a generation, confirming what many of us know from our own lives and those of our friends: A lot of people are close to working until they drop.
More than half of those with children under age 6 gave family reasons as the cause of their limited work year or their total lack of work outside the home during 1986.
Assistant general secretary Karen Jennings said: "Many older women suddenly find they have to work years longer than they expected.
We hope this very public saga has nothing to do with money - Rooney already makes in a week what most fans work years to earn.