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Bergmann, honored in the technical category, has been instrumental in the adoption of wet reflective pavement markings in work zones. After driving though many work zones across the state, Bergmann noticed that the pavement marking material used previously was difficult to see during rainy nights.
"Prior to our study, researchers analyzed data by looking at one checkbox among 70 to 80 different fields on a police officer's crash report to see if the crash occurred inside a work zone," says Praveen Edara, professor of civil and environmental engineering.
The new work zone, which will last until the end of the year, requires closing one lane on the inbound Eisenhower from Ogden Avenue to Halsted Street, CDOT said.
The free digital skills drop-in sessions taking place across Cheshire West are: Chester Work Zone at the Bluecoat Buildings, Upper Northgate Street, offers a free digital skills drop-in session between 3.30-5pm every Wednesday Ellesmere Port Work Zone at Ellesmere Port library, Civic Way, offers a free digital skills drop-in session between 12.30-2.30pm every Friday Northwich Work Zone at Northwich Railway Station Buildings, Manchester Road, offers a free digital skills drop-in session between 9am-1pm every Wednesday Winsford Work Zone at Wyvern House, the Drumber, offers a free digital skills drop-in session between 1-3pm every Monday.
In spite of a decrease in work zone crashes in Texas last year, 161 people still lost their lives and another 684 were seriously injured, with the vast majority of those killed - 84 percent - being motorists and/or their passengers, according to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).
After a year that brought two sad examples of the dangers faced bypeople who work on roadways, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is moving to broaden the penalties that apply drivers who break the rules in Wisconsin work zones.
owed 54 percent of construction companies in the country suffered a work zone crash in the past year, up from around 39 percent in 2016.
Of more 500 contractors responding to an AGC survey, 48 percent who reported work zone crashes on their projects said that motor vehicle operators or passengers were injured, and 24 percent of those crashes involved a driver or passenger fatality.
FHWA's Work Zone Management Program supports transportation practitioners through a comprehensive set of innovative strategies and tools, including intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technologies, improved data collection, training grants, and resources tailored to the commercial trucking industry and State and local agencies.
Fadillah added that PWD has also set up traffic management measures to inform and guide road users of the motorcycle lane's closure along the work zone.
Both of these applications depend on the ability to quantify how work zone characteristics affect collision occurrence risk in work zones, which is precisely the focus of this paper.
Highway work zone crashes also pose a significant risk for construction workers, Sandherr noted.