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References in classic literature ?
But in the main, they respected each other's work-time.
As part of our product development process, we looked closely at the enhanced work-time and temperature requirements in specific marine bonding applications to ensure that Pliogrip 1100 adhesive truly meets the performance needs of our customers.
of Louisville) presents an overview of the evolution and current state of work-time mostly in the United States.
Hayden is more careful than most shorter work-time advocates in noting the limitations of this rather mechanistic argument.
Hayden also offers a careful critique of what he terms the "productivist" trend in the shorter work-time movement.
Many recent books have offered work-time reduction as a single solution for multiple problems.
These remain every bit as pertinent, he says, but this focus is on the ecological gains to be achieved by work-time reduction.
Sharing the Work, Sparing the Planet distills much of his thinking and advocacy over the last few years, and the book covers a wide range of issues and problems pertaining to work-time reduction.
By that measure, the work-time cost of new homes fell from 7.
This book provides an interesting perspective on the European debate on work-time reduction.
Details like work-time scheduling and the effect on wages were left to collective bargaining.
A number of reasons-none completely satisfactorycan be offered for the different work-time patterns in the postwar period.