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On October 25, 2006, a workers' compensation judge issued an amended findings and award, ruling that the MRSA infection was a "compensable consequence" of Romano's work injury.
I then conjure up the recurring fantasies of being a successful law firm marketing consultant or molding myself into a renowned civil rights or criminal lawyer, a workers' compensation judge, or a legal scholar of some sort.
A workers' compensation judge awarded the additional benefits, but the Workers' Compensation Board reversed.
After a hearing, a Workers' Compensation Judge (WCJ) denied Franklin's claim and ordered that she forfeit all funds paid to her to which she was not entitled.
Prior to 1993, a workers' compensation judge was appointed by the governor.
A workers' compensation claim for occupational asthma was filed, and the patient was awarded compensation after his case was reviewed by a workers' compensation judge.
If the insurer prevails, the employee may seek to have the decision overturned by a workers' compensation judge or further judicial review by the general jurisdiction courts of the state.
In May 1992, Miller filed a petition with the state workers' compensation judge claiming that she sustained a psychic injury in the course of her employment.
Interest on late payments of compensation awarded is now calculated from the date the compensation was due, rather than from the date it was ordered to be paid by the workers' compensation judge.
At a hearing before a Workers' Compensation Judge (WCJ), the claimant alleged that her lower back problems developed over a period of two weeks as a result of rolling patients from side to side when changing and bathing them.
The matter proceeded to a hearing on the merits on January 19, 2005, after which the workers' compensation judge found that the employee's claim had not been subject to prescription and awarded her compensation benefits.
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