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WFTCWorking Families' Tax Credit (UK)
WFTCWorld Federation of Therapeutic Communities
WFTCWisconsin Fair Trade Coalition (Madison, WI)
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- Leslie, Angus ATHE new Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit have replaced the Working Families' Tax Credit. For more information about Working Tax Credit, visit the Inland Revenue website www.taxcredits.
Two families were left penniless after mix-ups delayed payment of their working families' tax credit.
Unless of course you take into account the people who have benefited from the fall of unemployment, low mortgage interest rates, the minimum wage, working families' tax credit, SureStart, winter fuel payments, free eye tests for pensioners, increases in child benefit and pensions especially for the worst-off pensioners, massive investment in housing, school buildings, health service, extra police, maternity leave and to come in the next 12 months free bus travel for pensioners and extended childcare.
Mr Owen Prys-Lewis, prosecuting, said the charges related to four Working Families' Tax Credit (WFTC) claims, supported by employer earning inquiry forms, that were sent in between December 2000 and July 2002.
This month sees the introduction of the working tax credit, which replaces the working families' tax credit and the disabled person's tax credit; the child tax credit, which replaces the children's tax credit; a 1 per cent increase in national insurance contributions; flexible working arrangements for parents; and extended maternity leave rights.
A Working Families' Tax Credit and Children's Tax Credit is being abolished from April 2003.
FBU leaders say thousands of firefighters across the UK have to claim the working families' tax credit because their pay is so low.
The benefit will come into effect in 2003 and brings together elements of the working families' tax credit, the disabled persons' tax credit, income support/job seeker's allowance and the existing children's tax credit.
Tony Blair had promised she would be better off with the introduction of the Working Families' Tax Credit and she felt the time was right to get a part-time job - and give her girls the best Christmas ever.
Altogether, 1.8million people received too much from either child credit or working families' tax credit.
You may be entitled to Working Families' Tax Credit. Phone 0845 609 5000 for more details.
To qualify, customers must be claiming one of the following benefits: Income-based Jobseeker's Allowance; Income Support; Housing Benefit; Council Tax Benefit; Disability Living Allowance; Disabled Person's Tax Credit; Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit; War Disablement Pension; Attendance Allowance; Child Tax Credit; Pension Credit; Working Families' Tax Credit; or Working Tax Credit.
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