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Adeli, "Complexity of functional connectivity networks in mild cognitive impairment subjects during a working memory task," Clinical Neurophysiology, vol.
Data from four participants were excluded because of low accuracy (<80 %) on the processing speed task; seven participants' data were excluded due to their not understanding the instructions for the working memory task (as evidenced by not reordering the letter/numbers).
The visuospatial working memory task used also indicated performance below that expected in the ASD group, reinforcing the results found in Rey's Complex Figure test.
The study subjects underwent a functional magnetic resonance imaging scan while performing a working memory task.
D Table 2 Demographic features of the sample for Experiment-II, a working memory task Variable HeM, n = 15 HeW, n = 24 Age, mean [+ or -] S.
Bacopa improved verbal span tests, verbal working memory task and text comprehension task where placebo recipients remained stable on these tasks.
Thus, the purpose of the present study was to evaluate neural activation patterns with functional MRI (fMRI) during performance of working memory tasks among construction workers with and without chronic exposure to solvents and without a diagnosed cognitive impairment.
Thus, altered functioning has been described in both recent and abstinent adolescent marijuana users, particularly on working memory tasks.
In the BAFIA project, we needed a complex working memory task for us to be able to correlate it with different dimensions of performance.
Similarly, our research team has reported that a 6-month cognitive remediation program was associated with improvements on an untrained working memory task and that these improvements were sustained at a 6-month follow-up [22].