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(70.) Works of Jonathan Edwards, 12:35-38, and Hall, Worlds of Wonder, Days of Judgment: Popular Religion Belief in Early New England (New York: Knopf, 1989), 152-56, 241-42.
The Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale, meanwhile, neared completion of Edwards's collected works (The Works of Jonathan Edwards, 25 volumes to date), and instituted an online library with transcriptions of nearly all unpublished manuscripts.
It was the call from Ireland that arguably kept alive the flame that would later reappear in the colonies in the life and works of Jonathan Edwards, whose Treatise on Religious Affections (1746) drew heavily upon the theology of conversionism that had been at the heart of many of the debates in Cromwellian Ireland.
So, not surprisingly, Emerson--Ralph Waldo, not Joseph--makes a reappearance, a cameo in which Gura places the soon-to-be-finished critical edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards on a level with the now completed edition of the Journals and Miscellaneous Notebooks of Ralph Waldo Emerson.
The study, which augments well the Works of Jonathan Edwards also published by Yale University Press, provides a wealth of details that is at the same time critical and sympathetic.
Moreover, it is both definitive--a term not abused in this instance--and timely, as it coincides roughly with the completion of the letterpress edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards, also from Yale University Press, a 27-volume venture begun in 1957.
What has been published so far by the Yale University Press as The Works of Jonathan Edwards runs to twenty- two volumes, and still more remains.
The Works of Jonathan Edwards, Volume 14: Sermons and Discourses, 1723-1729.
7 of The Works of Jonathan Edwards. Many other editions have been published.
It is reflected in at least one of the sermons he preached in New York (The Works of Jonathan Edwards, vol.
These elements can be discovered with particular profit in the works of Jonathan Edwards, whose spiritual reading of the `book of nature' arose from his early immersion in the natural world and from his belief in the power of the word.