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WCAWillow Creek Association
WCAWater Contact Angle (surface science)
WCAWorld Cube Association (Rubik's Cube)
WCAWomen's Caucus for Art
WCAWorld Cargo Alliance (est. 1998)
WCAWireless Communications Association International
WCAWorld Chiropractic Alliance
WCAWater Conservation Area
WCAWireless Communications Association
WCAWorld Cheese Awards (consumer food show)
WCAWireless Communications Alliance (non-profit; Northern California)
WCAWildlife Conservation Area (various locations)
WCAWhalley Computer Associates
WCAWorkmen's Compensation Act (various nations)
WCAWorst Case Analysis
WCAWorkers' Compensation Administration
WCAWorld Championships in Athletics (International Association of Athletics Federations)
WCAWorld Clown Association
WCAWaste Collection Authority (UK)
WCAWind Correction Angle (aviation)
WCAWollongong College Australia (University of Wollongong)
WCAWestern and Central Africa
WCAWorld Cheerleading Association
WCAWisconsin Cycling Association
WCAWoodlands Community Association (various locations)
WCAWildlife & Countryside Act 1981
WCAWest Coast Angler (fishing resource)
WCAWomen in Corporate Aviation (Southhaven, Mississippi, USA)
WCAWomen Contractors Association
WCAWeingart Center Association (Los Angeles, CA)
WCAWashington Council of Agencies
WCAWireless Consumers Alliance
WCAWeighted Combined Algorithm (computing)
WCAWashtenaw Christian Academy (Saline, Michigan)
WCAWireless Cable Association International
WCAWashington Correctional Association
WCAWashington Counseling Association
WCAWaveform Concatenation Approach (speech synthesis development tool)
WCAWing Chun Archive (martial arts)
WCAWool Council of Australia
WCAWater Clearance Authority
WCAWeighted Critical Area
WCAWillow Creek Academy (Sausalito, CA)
WCAWarranty Claim Action
WCAWarner Christian Academy (South Daytona, FL)
WCAWeighted Curvature Approximation
WCAWhole Core Accident
WCAWater Commodity Adjustment
WCAWarning, Caution, and Advisory (aviation)
WCAWarhorse Challenge Association
WCAWomen Christian Association (USA)
WCAWinter Cities Association (Canada)
WCAWeed Control Act (Canada)
WCAWing Correction Angle (aviation)
WCAWaste Combustion Air
WCAWeapons Coverage Area (US Navy)
WCAWeapons Control System Alignment Procedures
WCAWorkforce Cultural Audit
WCAWarning, Control Advisories (avionics monitoring flags)
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It's amazing to see how fast Sean's hands are, finishing the scrambled cube in a flash.Last July 14, Sean became the youngest and the first Filipino to finish second in the World Cube Association (WCA) World Championship in Australia, besting more than 800 participants from 52 countries.Sean was in Grade 3 when he discovered the art of deciphering a Rubik's Cube.
Human world record holders for solving the Rubik's Cube are down to about 3.5 seconds, more than 15 seconds less than record times in the early 1980s, according to the World Cube Association.
Organised by the Cyprus Cubing organisation as part of the World Cube Association, everyone who can solve the Rubik's cube, 4x4x4, Pyraminx, Megaminx or Sqewb is welcome.
He participated in the 3x3 cube and 2x2 cube categories in both the competitions which are affiliated to World Cube Association (WCA) and are open competitions with no age limit/groups.
Madhav Saki participated in the 3x3 cube and 2x2 cube categories in both the competitions, which are affiliated to the WCA (World Cube Association) and are open competitions with no age limit/groups.
The Game of Rubik's cube: World Cube Association (WCA) is the organizing body of the Rubik's cube game all over the world.
ISLAMABAD: Cubing Pakistan on Saturday organised first ever cube tournament in collaboration with the World Cube Association.
Organised by the World Cube Association, Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary School in Oakdale was one of a number of venues across the world to host the competition.
Rhiw Syr Dafydd Primary School, in Oakdale, will play host to event organised by the World Cube Association.
The event is recognised by the World Cube Association (WCA), a non-profit organisation that regulates speedcubing competitions all over the world.
According to his profile on the(https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/results/p.php?i=2010WEYE01) World Cube Association's website , Weyyer had participated in 38 competitions so far, winning the German Open, the Frankfurt Cube Days and the Cubelonia, all in 2016.
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