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World Health Report calls for return to primary health care approach.
Research for universal health coverage: World health report 2013.
The world health report 2000: health systems: improving performance, 2000 & Mathers 2004 found that the people living in poor countries not only face lower life expectancies than those in richer countries but also live a higher proportion of their lives in poor health.
World health report 2001; mental health: new understanding, newhope.
The specialist also said that Oman has one of the best health care systems in the world and it was ranked 8th in the World Health Report 2000, the first ever analysis of the world's health systems carried out by the World Health Organisation (WHO).
(7.) World Health Organization (WHO), World Health Report, 2002.
[4.] World Health Report 1998--Life in the 21st Century: A Vision for All.
Very similar results we can observe in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Luxembourg (based on data from World Health Report, 2013).
After the World Health Report as declared Peshawar the most sensitive area for polio the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government announce Sehat Ka Insaaf Program from 2nd February which was carry on for the last three weeks.
World health report. Geneva, Switzerland: WHO; 2001.
Forthis guide she has drawn on the CIA World Factbook (2012 edition) and the World Health Report 2000.
The World Health Report 2013 [6] argues that health coverage cannot be achieved without the evidence provided by scientific research.
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