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WOSAAMWorld Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (Paris, France)
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(All of Thierry's books are available through University Compounding Pharmacy in San Diego.) Hertoghe is the president of the International Hormone Society as well as World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine. Hertoghe supervises the Hormone Therapy Specialty Program as well board certification and international post-graduate education in several societies.
In a bid to make a contribution to slow down the aging process, Dr Thierry Hertoghe, president of The World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM) in Belgium, who practices lifespan/reversing aging medicine and hormone therapy, said: "Everyone suffers from hormone deficiency; once measured and corrected, results can vary from slowing the aging process to even reversing aging.
Under the scientific supervision of WOSAAM (World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine), the largest scientific anti-aging society with more than 130 affiliated associations worldwide, IIR Middle East Life Sciences Division, organiser of Arab Health, working with EuroMediCom - the leading organiser of Anti-Aging and Aesthetics events - has brought together over 80 international speakers to provide an innovative and comprehensive overview of the latest research developments in anti-aging medicine.
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