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According to a ( video uploaded to World Star Hip Hop, one man appears to have turned his car into a mobile Bitcoin mining machine by equipping it with a mess of smartphones, tablets, and adapters to power them all.
World star hip will release a mix CD, UFW Celebrity Gifting Suite will be a listen station for this CD.
The video had garnered more than 261,000 views on ( World Star Hip Hop as of Monday afternoon.
A video that depicted a violent fight between infamous "Cash Me Outside" girl Danielle Bregoli and her mother was released Wednesday morning and posted to video portal ( World Star Hip Hop.
( Bay Area Rapid Transit police are investigating the identity of a man and woman videotaped having sex on a BART train after the video went viral after the NSFW video was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop and Facebook.
The couple is mostly clothed in the 55-second video, which has surpassed more than 1.4 million hits on ( World Star Hip Hop as of Monday afternoon.
The video was first posted by ( World Star Hip Hop on Thursday and has over 50,000 views as of the late morning.
The video, titled "Man Cusses Out Cop For Profiling Him In Auburn, AL!" first surfaced Monday on ( World Star Hip Hop , where it has more than 20,000 views.
"Dude was 100% in the right," wrote World Star Hip Hop user Blake.
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