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WTWWillis Towers Watson (various locations)
WTWWhat's the Word (education)
WTWWissenschaftlich Technische Werkstätten (German: Scientific Technical Institute)
WTWWalk the Walk
WTWWorth the Wait
WTWWell to Wheels
WTWWater Treatment Works
WTWWell-To-Wheels (hybrid electric vehicle)
WTWWalk this Way
WTWWork, Training and Welfare (University of Milan; Italy)
WTWWoman to Woman (Boston)
WTWWalk Through Walls (glitch in a video game)
WTWWellness Tourism Worldwide (various locations)
WTWWaste to Wealth (Institute for Local Self-Reliance)
WTWWatamu Turtle Watch (Kenya)
WTWWafer to Wafer (variation)
WTWWhat the World (Internet slang)
WTWWarmte Terug Winning
WTWW.T.Woodson High School (Fairfax, Virginia)
WTWWild Turkey Wednesday
WTWWheel to Wheel (automotive)
WTWWildlife Trusts Wales
WTWWhat the What? (Internet slang)
WTWWrestle The World (Tom & Terry Brands, Iowa City, IA, USA)
WTWWhat the Waffle
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This alone makes Apple's foldable devices worth the wait.
And hasn't this delicious little thing been worth the wait?
With a wealth of coaching experience behind him, Clarke may discover that the West Brom job was well worth the wait.
THE CRANBERRIES ROSES THE Irish rockers are back after a 10-year hiatus, and in some ways, it has been well worth the wait. Best known for huge 1990s hit Linger, the Cranberries - fronted by Dolores O'Riordan, who is joined by Fergal Lawler and brothers Noel Hogan and Michael Hogan - still have the knack of knocking out anthemic pop tunes, which is clearly heard on Roses.
Summary: It has been more than a year since Apple launched a smart phone but the iPhone 5 will be worth the wait, according to experts.
Worth the wait: Zarosh explains his set, and there's an interview with a pro fingerboarder.
Is it worth the wait? For buyers, the answer is yes.
Worth the wait? This quintet of sensibly dressed ladies board 'the bus of the future' - even if it's going to Birkenhead.
The goal was well worth the wait though as Ross Gunnion crashed in a spectacular long-range effort.
AS the QE2 sailed majestically into the Tyne last night, she was greeted with applause and cheers and a feeling amongst the crowd on the south shore that it was worth the wait.