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WOSTWorld of Soap Themes (website; wost.org)
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As Adam, Eve, Abraham, David, John, and Moses exit hell, they each address Christ and identify themselves: "Lourd wost pou whet ycham?"; "Knou me, lourd, icham eve"; "Louerd c^st [Christ], icham Johan"; and so forth (Lord, do you know who I am?
Using the WOST, a number of studies have found significant differences between ADHD and non-ADHD persons (Chelune, Ferguson, Koon, & Dickey, 1986; Gorenstein, Mammatto, & Sandy, 1989; Shue & Douglas, 1992).
Results showed that the ADHD group performed significantly worse on the following tasks related to frontal lobe functioning: Go-No Go task, Conflic ting Motor Response Test, Trail-Making, and WOST.
"If that's the wost thing I get accused of, I'm pretty happy about it," says Lingle.
The Galacticos of Real Madrid have imploded over the last two years after failing to win a single trophy in their wost barren run for decades.
Geffrey, thou wost ryght wel this, That every kyndely thyng that is Hath a kyndely stede ther he May best in hyt conserved be; Unto which place every thyng Thorgh his kyndely enclynyng Moveth for to come to Whan that hyt is awey therfro .