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For residents, staff provided best practices information for saving water and energy and held site events, such as the "Power Hour" happy hour to share energy saving tips; "Watts and Waffles" brunch to discuss progress in WotW campaign; and a speaker to help residents read their electric bills.
WOTW repeatedly reminds us of our insignificance in an immense universe, along with our implied relegation on the new-found cosmic chain of being.
6 WWKA Country Cox Media Group.-- 0.3; 5.7-5.5-5.4 as JVC Media Country WOTW is way back at 0.9.
-- 1.2; 6.3-5.7-5.5, format downer as JVC Media Country WOTW -- 1.9; 2.7-1.8-0.8.