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WOTANWill of the Aryan Nation
WOTANWill Operating Thought Analogue (Dr Who)
WOTANWavelength-Agile Optical Transport and Access Network
WOTANWind Observation Through Ambient Noise
WOTANWeather Observation Through Ambient Noise
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No wonder Wotan got an earful from Fricka and found himself obliged to destroy his son.
Most of the singers were making their debut with the company and I was blown away by Bla Perencz as Wotan and Annalena Persson as Brnnhilde.
Wotan, the god of laws, had stolen the hoard to pay the giants who built his fortress, Valhalla, and the Nibelungs want it back.
Doing so moreover requires an almost infinitely greater effort for them than for Wotan, the balance of power being decidedly on the Enemy's side; only seven years of war suffice to defeat him, and his final overthrow is not achieved until Isildur cuts the Ring from his hand.
Katarina Dalayman starts with a brilliant AoHojotohoAo, and is moving in her final scene with Wotan. Thomas Johannes Mayer, who is alternating in the role with Falk Struckmann, is a warm, though unheroic, Wotan with a weak lower register.
Indeed, apart from Siegfried's death and funeral music there is nothing more "tragic" in the Ring, in any common-sense view of that word, than Wotan's anguished narrative to Brunnhilde in Die Walkure 2.2.
With a tax auditor (Catrin Striebeck) and health inspector (Jan Fedder) on his back, Nadine nagging him long-distance to join her, and a real estate shark (Wotan Wilke Moehring) trying to force him to sell the place, Zinos signs power of attorney over to the unreliable Illias and decides to set off to China.
He withdrew from eagerly anticipated appearances as Wotan in Wagner's Ring cycle because his son required three operations to repair the damage.
FOR years, country cop Michael Martens (Wotan Wilke Mohring) has been dogged by a girl's unsolved murder.
Small-village copper Michael Martens (Wotan Wilke MUhring) feels guilt at failing to arrest someone for the murder of a young girl a year ago.
THREE 100-1 chances have won - The Pearl in 1871, Wotan in 1936 and Old Rowley four years later.