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WOZWizard of Oz
WOZDie WochenZeitung (Swiss newspaper)
WOZWet Waardering Onroerende Zaken (Dutch tax law)
WOZWheels of Zeus
WOZWeekend Of ZZT
WOZWarriors of Zion
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While Steve wanted to make computers "packaged, friendly, and fun," The Woz says he was the nerd.
Game-maker React Games has also revealed that Woz isn't the only playable character, as Baby Bash (musician) and Rashad Evans (MMA fighter) are also characters in the game.
P", "RIP Taid" and "I Woz Ere" on the memorial opposite the Queen's Hotel, Porthmadog.
George Shaw: I woz ere is a free retrospective at the gallery between November 18 and March 11, 2012.
The joint operation was launched on Friday by Afghan National Army (ANA) and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) soldiers in Sangar, Deh Woz and Katar areas of Watapur district.
Nick Coulson from Blackpool''s Syndicate nightclub joins, Tom Fearnhead, Sunset''s Col Webster and Woz Rimmer.
The DJ first released a single Woz not Woz alongside fellow Swede Eric Prydz in 2004, the same year in which he was nominated for the Best Producer category at the House Awards.
I Was Here, I Woz 'Ere features paintings, sculpture and photography by artists who have a local connection to Burntwood.
In a WOz test, a human tester plays the recorded prompts to a panel of around 100 people who are asked to navigate the prompts and complete a particular task.
Soon, Woz and his friend Steve Jobs began selling blue boxes of their own to others on campus.
Fortunately for us, Woz led an interesting pre-Apple life that set the stage for his later endeavors.