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WRIGWound-Rotor Induction Generator
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With the in-house research & development expertise, Wrig Nanosystems is now building an all-in-one compact device, targeted to tap over 70% of pathology lab traffic at the first point-of-care.
A book which Wrig ht did own before 1940 was Lewis Mumford's extravagantly laudatory critical study Herman Melville: A Study of His Life and Vision (1929), which, in the context of evaluating Moby-Dick as an American epic, also quotes extensively from it (129ff).
Wrig Spiritualism as a Practical Principle, The Liberator, Aug.
For each of these lists, the number of Words Read Correctly from Grade Level (WRCG) and the number of Words Read Incorrectly from Grade Level (WRIG) were counted.
During the period when the active crowbar is activated, the DFIG operates as a wound rotor induction generator (WRIG) with increased rotor resistance but no control over both active and reactive power output.