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WRRWeighted Round-Robin (Cisco)
WRRWind River Resources (Salt Lake City, UT)
WRRWetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid (Scientific Council on Government Policy; Netherlands)
WRRWater Resources Research
WRRWeighted Round Robin
WRRWorld Radiometric Reference (World Radiation Center)
WRRWardaman (Summer Institute of Linguistics language code)
WRRWestern Ring Road (Australia)
WRRWrit of Restitution (Washington)
WRRWood Resource Recovery (Gainesville FL)
WRRWeapons Response Range (as well as Wpns Release Rg) (US DoD)
WRRWildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc.
WRRWitztum-Rips-Rosenberg (sample of nations)
WRRWorld Relief Rwanda
WRRWelfare Reform Research
WRRWash, Rinse, & Repeat
WRRWashington Radio Reports
WRRWebClarity Resource Registry
WRRWargame 2000 Resource Repository (collects data, generates displays about Wargame 2000 missile defense simulation)