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WORMWrite-Once, Read-Many
WORMWrite Once Read Many
WORMWrite Only-Read Many (less common)
WORMWorkshop on Ontologies: Reasoning and Modularity
WORMWrite Once Read Memory
WORMWeapon of Raid Machines (Sky Girls anime)
WORMWorkshop on Risk Management (US NASA; annual conference)
WORMWarrant Officer Recovery Mechanic (Ireland)
WORMWhite Old Republican Male
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Tenders are invited for leasing of the necessary equipment of the new unstructured worm storage system (write once read many) for the reus and free zone centers, their installation, configuration and start-up.
Brokers need to determine how much they can rely on the records created in the network, as well as how they could comply with the "write once read many" part of the rules.
This capability is known as WORM (Write Once Read Many).
In these examples, risk can be reduced by choosing a technology that allows data to be retained online, stored in a true WORM (Write Once Read Many) format, and physically destroyed at end-of-life.
The NDMP support (Network Data Management Protocol) allows an effective backup of even larger volumes of data, while the storage technology WORM (Write Once Read Many) helps to set up compliance archives for e-mails or finance data.
For example, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and eMail archiving software vendors are working with Write Once Read Many (WORM) media and Content Addressable Storage (CAS) vendors.
Emails must be securely archived for between one and 25 years, easily available and stored in a 'Write Once Read Many' (WORM) format.
Write Once Read Many (WORM) storage records unalterable video.
The report also contains an overview, current requirements, potential breakthroughs and challenges faced plus technological aspects, including a discussion of read-write materials and Write Once Read Many (WORM) technology.
Based on a revolutionary architectural platform providing enhanced levels of performance, reliability and scalability, Plasmon's Mid-Sized G-Series Library supports the Sony 9.1GB-14x MO Drive and both rewritable and WORM (Write Once Read Many) media.
The write once read many (WORM) format offers a durable, unalterable medium that can store a high volume of information.