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W2WWheel to Wheel
W2WWall 2 Wall (various organizations)
W2WWaste to Wealth
W2WWriting to Win (composition strategy)
W2WWheels to Work (UK)
W2WWarriors to Work (Jacksonville, FL)
W2WWafer to Wafer (integrated circuit)
W2WWeb to Web
W2WWarehouse-to-Warfighter (military supply/logistics)
W2WWriter to Writer (network)
W2WWelcome to Work (jobs program)
W2WWok to Walk (restaurant chain; Netherlands)
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Law school exams; preparing and writing to win, 2d ed.
If Writing to Win has a weakness--all books do--it's probably found in the slim treatment given to writing style.
The strength of Writing to Win lies in the perspective the reader gains both on the process of legal writing and its various genres.
On page 64, Writing to Win sets out the "four principles of advertising all lawyers must know.
Persuasive business proposals; writing to win more customers, clients, and contracts, 3d ed.