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These appendices include rare photos, written correspondences, reviews of Vivien's works by her contemporaries, and her corrections of proofs to La Dame a la louve.
Paul Siebert, written correspondence, February 15, 2014.
Dincer accused the Taraf daily of not being aware of bureaucratic processes, formal written correspondence or the Turkish legal system.
Requests related to specific facts and circumstances should generate written correspondence to the client.
This written correspondence could be for a journal article, which he particularly appreciated, congratulations on a Society-sponsored program, or an idea for the Society to pursue.
As an example of 'narrative scholarship,' this study relies less on traditional literary analysis and more on the comments of loyal readers of the genre themselves, which the author gathered through written correspondence, interviews, and visits to book groups and Amish and 'English' bookstores.
The type of written correspondence that you use to communicate to camper parents will vary by camp (letter, postcard, e-mail, online form); however, there are a few general guidelines that will be true across the board whether you handwrite a note or use some form of technology.
It is a worthwhile opportunity to renew acquaintances, to make new connections, to give advice and to attempt to resolve problems which are more easily handled face-to-face rather than via the anonymity of emails and written correspondence.
BDI leader Ali Ahmeti has recently demanded of PM Gruevski greater use of the Albanian language in the whole territory of the country and on all levels, especially with regard to written correspondence between institutions run by ethnic Albanians or when parliamentary sessions are chaired by an ethnic Albanian speaker.
He said: "The First Minister has made his position on the UK Government's economic policy very clear to the Prime Minister - both in written correspondence and in face-to-face meetings.
But historians looking into further insights from the once and not future Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution of Libya should dig into the archives of Louis Schlamowitz, an 81-year-old Brooklyn florist, who engaged in an extensive, back-and-forth written correspondence with the dictator from his 1969 ascension to 1988the year of the Libya-sponsored Pan Am bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, that killed nearly 300.
The Interim President entrusted the Religious Affairs Minister, who is to head the official Tunisian delegation to the Pilgrimage, with a written correspondence to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.