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WSTWithlacoochee State Trail (Florida)
WSTWomen in Science and Technology (various locations)
WSTSamoa Tala (ISO currency code)
WSTWiscasset (Amtrak station code; Wiscasset, ME)
WSTWorks Services and Transportation (Canada)
WSTWorkplace Standards Tasmania (Australia)
WSTWrexham Supporters Trust (UK)
WSTWorld Standard Teletext
WSTWeb Services Transactions
WSTWindows Streaming
WSTWord Star Text
WSTWorld System Teletext
WSTWap Security Toolkit
WSTWeb Standard Tools
WSTWss Service Time
WSTWeb Services Toolkit
WSTWestern Standard Time
WSTWater, Sewer, Trash
WSTWesterstede (German Licence-Plate)
WSTWorld System TeleText (PAL television captioning and data standard)
WSTWeapon System Trainer
WSTWorkshop on Termination
WSTWinwaed Software Technology LLC (Texas)
WSTWorld System Theory (sociology)
WSTWeb Services Trust (Oasis)
WSTWater Survival Training
WSTWrong Sides Together (embroidery instructions)
WSTWesterly, RI, USA (Airport Code)
WSTWorld Ship Trust
WSTWell Seismic Tool
WSTWatershed Transform
WSTWinchester Swim Team (Virginia)
WSTConvective Significant Meteorological Information
WSTWriting Skill Test
WSTWorkstation Technologies Inc.
WSTWarfighter Support Team
WSTWheel Speed Transducer
WSTWavelength Self-Tunable
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Place 2 template H owls together, wrong sides together, and hand stitch a blanket stitch around the edges of the owl.
Turn up the yoke pieces with wrong sides together and baste around the armhole, shoulder and neckline edges inside the seam allowance.
Prepare bias strips for applique by folding in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Stitch 1/4" from the raw edges.
* Carefully fold the tongue lower edge in half lengthwise with wrong sides together; pin along the foldline.
* Place the front and back fabric pieces wrong sides together. Pin the two pieces together near the edges of your design.
Sew side seams of purse wrong sides together using a whipstitch along front and back sides.
Fold work wrong sides together and continue seam to the bottom of work, so that when hat cuff is turned back the seam will be on the reverse side.
Fold lengthwise, wrong sides together; turn under 1/4 inch on all raw edges and iron flat.
Then go on to fold the remaining five pieces in half, each with its wrong sides together. Iron them as well.