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WRRWeighted Round-Robin (Cisco)
WRRWind River Resources (Salt Lake City, UT)
WRRWetenschappelijke Raad voor het Regeringsbeleid (Scientific Council on Government Policy; Netherlands)
WRRWater Resources Research
WRRWeighted Round Robin
WRRWorld Radiometric Reference (World Radiation Center)
WRRWardaman (Summer Institute of Linguistics language code)
WRRWestern Ring Road (Australia)
WRRWrit of Restitution (Washington)
WRRWood Resource Recovery (Gainesville FL)
WRRWeapons Response Range (as well as Wpns Release Rg) (US DoD)
WRRWildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, Inc.
WRRWitztum-Rips-Rosenberg (sample of nations)
WRRWorld Relief Rwanda
WRRWelfare Reform Research
WRRWash, Rinse, & Repeat
WRRWebClarity Resource Registry
WRRWashington Radio Reports
WRRWargame 2000 Resource Repository (collects data, generates displays about Wargame 2000 missile defense simulation)
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Tony Lawson, engineering director at Weir Minerals Europe, said, "The Warman WRR pump features similar technology to Wemco vortex pumps.
A previous study revealed that the AA homozygote significantly differed from the GG homozygote in varied carcass traits in a F2 reciprocal cross between the WRR and X Chinese chicken breeds (Nie et al.
Figure 12 depicts packet loss rate for conversational class it is clear that link congestion has great effect on WRR scheduler performance while packet loss rate stay within boundary conditions in case of PQ and LLQ.
Up to now, according to the WRR Brief, the economic side-effects of European labour migration in The Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe has helped more than hindered, despite local policy makers such as Geert Wilders's frequent and notorious negative views on the subject.
He also chaired the production of the first report of the WRR (Scientific Council to the Government) on minorities in 1979.
Crown House Media, which set up WRR, are based in Crown House in Well Street, Ruthin and there they reported each moment of drama as Finn Jari-Matti Latvala stormed to victory.
Mrs Heath, a former press operator at Willenhall's WRR Pedleys, thinks Eric may have been planning a surprise trip to Australia to visit two of their four children.
The WRR is the measurement standard representing the SI unit of irradiance.
WRR (2004) The European Union, Turkey and Islam (Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press).
13) Soroush, Reason, Freedom and Democracy in Islam; WRR, 29-58.