WUFIWorld United Formosans for Independence
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WUFI 2D 3.3 is not capable of modelling air exchange sources and therefore modelling the effects of various corrosion levels of the deck was not possible.
Regarding the treatment of the radiation effect on the exterior surface, WUFI uses an explicit balance of the long-wave radiation, defining the surface emission, [I.sub.e], and the radiation reaching the facade, [I.sub.l].
The hygrothermal software tool that was used to perform the simulations was WUFI 1D (Section 3).
The type of construction being used can determine the importance of conducting a WUFI analysis.
Initial WUFI analyses on these walls indicate that wall systems really do need to be designed for the specific application and location.
He accused the Tribune of being a "propaganda newspaper for the Taiwan Independence Movement' and the "official newspaper for WUFI,' which he called a "terrorist organization.' He said he was reluctant to bring the suit: "I'm a writer too so I respect freedom of speech .
See "WUFI: Barking Up the Wrong Tree?", ASHRAE Journal, October 2015.
Additionally, Building America Program researchers performed one-dimensional hygrothermal simulations using a WUFI computer model developed by Fraunhofer IBP (2013) to estimate potential risk of condensation of those various walls (Kunzel et al.
([double dagger]) I think WUFI has turned into a useful modeling tool and is getting progressively more useful.
Examples of such models are: Match, Wufi, Latenite, Delphin and HygIRC.
This tool is known as WUFI. ** This tool is very good but also very limited.
Toward that end, this paper also cites the possible implications of such advanced hygrothermal modeling capabilities not yet in the currently available programs such as the WUFI simulation tools.