WUGWhatsup Gold (Ipswitch network monitoring software)
WUGWindows User Group
WUGWorld University Games (basketball)
WUGWater User Group (various locations)
WUGWebSphere User Group
WUGWhat You Got?
WUGWeapons School Undergraduate Student (USAF)
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"This connection between WUG Pot and the Hirlatzhohle makes this the ninth deepest and the 19th longest cave in the world."
Berko presented pseudo-words to English speaking children, such as wug, asking them to create the plural forms of these words (wugs).
Carr, "Chinese Dragon Names," Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area 13.2 (Fall, 1990): 124 ("the boss wug ['wug' [less than] 'worm' + 'bug'], the class of insects, worms, spiders, and smaller reptiles").
Dramatic music and sacred music follow at WT, and upon reaching WUG one encounters piano music.
Grammatical rules taken for granted even by preschoolers prove foreign to the 16 K offspring; therefore, after seeing a picture of an imaginary animal called a "wug," they do not know that "wugs" referst to more than one "wugs."
The senior drivers category goes to Surrey driver Wug Utting.
Safety and protection for mining environment, 12, 25-32, WUG, (in Polish).
tf wug His colleagues paid tribute saying "Lost but not forgotten Simon Insole would have been so proud of our Welsh fans today".
The championship contenders head to the Ludlow-based rally with Rhuddlan's Luke Francis, driving a Mitsubishi Evo IX, tied on points for the overall championship lead along with Subaru Impreza pilot Wug Utting from Gatwick.
Table 2 The experimental stimuli and designated alphanumeric labels employed in the experiment Stimulus sets and classes Set i Set 2 Set3 ZID(AI) BEM (A4) WIK (A7) MAU (Bl) PID (B4) MUJ (B7) JOM (CI) NOS (C4) JUR (C7) VEK (A2) DOK (A5) LOP (A8) WUG (B2) JAD (B5) ZUN (B8) BIF (C2) LUD (C5) NID (CK) YIM (A3) SEP (A6) SOM (A9) DAX (B3) COL (B6) CAJ (B9) PUK (C3) ZUR (C6) DUP (C9) The presence or absence of stimulus color was determined by experimental condition (see Table 1).