WUNWorldwide Universities Network (UK)
WUNWestern Upper Nile (region)
WUNWorldwide Utility News (radio club)
WUNWest University Neighbors (Eugene, OR)
WUNWorld Urban Network (YMCA)
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References in classic literature ?
No man never see a dead donkey 'cept the gen'l'm'n in the black silk smalls as know'd the young 'ooman as kep' a goat; and that wos a French donkey, so wery likely he warn't wun o' the reg'lar breed.'
'Without goin' so far as to as-sert, as some wery sensible people do, that postboys and donkeys is both immortal, wot I say is this: that wenever they feels theirselves gettin' stiff and past their work, they just rides off together, wun postboy to a pair in the usual way; wot becomes on 'em nobody knows, but it's wery probable as they starts avay to take their pleasure in some other vorld, for there ain't a man alive as ever see either a donkey or a postboy a-takin' his pleasure in this!'
In the original, Wun is standing next to a banner reading 'I am a secondary school student' but in the altered version, the sign reads 'I am not wearing any underwear.'
Recovered 1,316 herds of the cattle looted from Agar Pakam by a group of thieves from Wun Adel section of Tonj East and all the stolen cows were returned to their owners.
WUN said the synergy between the real estate market and the co-working and shared workspace market makes this relationship a natural fit and strengthens the offerings of both companies.
The research supported by recent WUN grants includes that of Dr.
[ Come Experience authentic Indian cuisine at Bawarchi Indian Restaurant, No 37, Ground Floor 1, La Pyayt Wun Plaza, Alan Pya Pagoda Road, Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Reference Year Age Sex Volume Onset extracted Dau et al (9) 1977 ND ND ND ND Wun et al (6) 1994 48 M 1200 cc 3 hrs Jones et al (10) 2002 39 F double-dose 4 days extraction (92 min) Leurent et al (2) 2010 47 M 724 cc 14 hrs Rosencher et al (3) 2011 57 M 663 cc 10 mins Reference Presentation Type Dau et al (9) Cerebrovascular Plasmapheresis accident Wun et al (6) Cerebrovascular Plasmapheresis accident Jones et al (10) Axillary vein Plateletpheresis thrombosis Leurent et al (2) Acute Plasmapheresis Myocardial Infarction Rosencher et al (3) Acute Plasmapheresis Myocardial Infarction ND--not documented
I transmitted, "Twin Cessna wun wun whiskey qwer to wand wun-way wun wun."
Wun Kuen Ng studied English literature at Barnard College.
Speaking of the latest data CIMB head of research Song Seng Wun told Dow Jones Newswires: "It paints a story of modest recovery rather than an all-out, straight line all-guns-blazing story, which would have pleased the market more." Input prices falling Qu said that Beijing may keep to relatively loose monetary policy to boost growth as inflationary pressures were easing, with input prices falling and the economy suffering from "lingering external headwinds" -- an apparent reference to the eurozone's woes and the sluggish US recovery.
However, CIMB Research economist Song Seng Wun said the figures for the year indicate the economy shrank 3.5 to 4.0 percent quarter on quarter in October-December, which followed a contraction of 5.9 percent in the previous three months.