WUSTLWashington University in St. Louis
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Joseph O'Sullivan, dean of the Joint Undergraduate Engineering Program at WUSTL.
The upper level courses are done during the evenings or on weekends at WUSTL.
According to WUSTL, the research team's new development, details of which are featured in the July issue of Environmental Science and Technology, differs from typical microbial fuel cells in that it features chambers layered vertically rather than horizontally.
WUSTL noted that Angenent has been awarded $40,000 from the university for the project, as well as filed a provisional U.
The researchers experimented on 40 undergraduate WUSTL students who studied ten lists of ten pairs of Swahili-English vocabulary items.
Korotev, a research professor in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences in Arts and Sciences, WUSTL, has studied lunar samples and their chemical compositions since he was an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin and "was in the right place at the right time" in 1969 to be a part of a team to study some of the first lunar samples.
The Apollo 11 samples - and samples from almost every Apollo mission until the last one in December 1972 - have been securely housed on the 4th floor of the physics department's Compton Laboratory and used by numerous WUSTL researchers, including many members of the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences.
Louis, often nicknamed WUSTL or WashU, has about 14,500 students, according to its (https://wustl.