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WYEWyeth, Inc (stock symbol)
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WYEWest Yorkshire Ecology (UK)
WYEWilliam Yates Elementary (Missouri)
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Wyeth, Inc. (9) rejected this traditional view and held that a brand-name manufacturer's duty to warn extends to patients whose prescriptions are filled with the generic version of the drug.
2010) (stressing foreseeability because physicians rely on brand-name's risks even if pharmacist fills with generic); Wyeth, Inc. v.
Wyeth, Inc. (4) Rejecting the reasoning of Foster and the long line of cases that followed it, the California court held that a brand-name manufacturer could be liable when the plaintiff took the generic version of the drug but alleged that her doctor relied on negligent misrepresentations made by the brand-name manufacturer.
(147) She then began taking metoclopramide, (148) a prescription drug manufactured and sold by Wyeth, Inc. under the brand name Reglan but also produced by a number of generic manufacturers.
As part of a multidistrict class action settlement between users of two appetite suppressants--fenfluramine (Pondimin) and dexfenfluramine (Redux)--and the drugs' manufacturer, Wyeth, Inc., class members could opt out of the agreement at different stages.
Wyeth, Inc., Madison, NJ, announced the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved ruBMP-2/ACS (recombinant human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2Absorbable Collagen Sponge), a novel protein device that enhances bone healing, for use in the treatment of acute, open tibia shaft fractures in adults.
Wyeth, Inc., have permitted claims to proceed because a brand-name manufacturer "should reasonably perceive that there could be injurious reliance on its product information by a patient taking a generic" version of the drug.
Wyeth, Inc., (1) is an anomaly or will become the majority rule is a question which should be considered by all innovator drug companies, their law departments, and their outside counsel.
They sued three vaccine manufacturers--Merck & Co.; Aventis Pasteur, Inc.; and Wyeth, Inc.--and Eli Lilly for their loss of consortium with her.
Abbott Laboratories, Inc., Abbott Park, IL, announced it has signed a collaboration and license agreement with Wyeth, Inc., Madison, NJ, to develop an automated blood test to monitor therapeutic levels of Wyeth's immunosuppressive drug Rapamune (sirolimus).
Wyeth, Inc., Madison, NJ, has issued a warning to physicians in the US and Europe that sirolimus (Rapamune) is not recommended for use in lung transplant patients.
Wyeth, Inc., Madison, NJ, warned transplant professionals in late April that findings from a recent study indicated that Rapamune (sirolimus) should not be used in combination with Fujisawa Pharmaceutical's Prograf (tacrolimus) in treating liver transplant patients.