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WZWyner-Ziv (coding model)
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WZAnimalian Female Sex Chromosome Code
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Nested lattice codes are a family of codes which can asymptotically achieve the Wyner-Ziv limit [29].
Belfiore, "Wyner-Ziv coding based on multidimensional nested lattices," IEEE Transactions on Communications, vol.
In the initial stage of DVC research, the main codec algorithms include Wyner-Ziv video coding [4], PRISM video coding [5], hierarchical Wyner-Ziv video coding [6], and DVC scheme based on wavelet coding [7].
H.264 is used for intracoding and decoding of key frame; meanwhile, WZ frame is encoded by Wyner-Ziv encoder, and the core steps of decoding process are given as follows because of its complexity.
An overview of research related to distributed coding schemes, primarily DSC (Slepian-Wolf, Wyner-Ziv) and CS schemes is provided in the following subsections.
Different schemes were introduced with DSC such as LDPC [64] code, PRISM [75], Stanford [75], but all these schemes were based on Slepian-Wolf (SW) and Wyner-Ziv (WZ) theorems that increase the range of DSC to many potential applications (sensor network, wireless video) [79].
The core idea of DVC comes from some information theoretical results in 70s: SlepianWolf [5] and Wyner-Ziv [6] theorems.
Girod, "Wyner-Ziv coding of motion video," in Proceedings of the 36th Asilomar Conference on Signals Systems and Computers, pp.
One is the Wyner-Ziv coding scheme, which has been used to compress and quantize the received signals [6].
The complement of Slepian-Wolf coding for lossy compression is the Wyner-Ziv (WZ) coding [3] which deals with lossy source coding of X with side information (SI) Y at the decoder and can reduce complexity of the encoder by shifting ME and MC to the decoder.
Although the numerical convergence of EM algorithm is slow and only guaranteed to converge to a local maximum in the incomplete-data likelihood function, several studies have shown that its implementation to estimate the distribution of disparity in the Wyner-Ziv coding for stereo image compression [9][17][18] and to estimate the distribution of motion field in WZVC [8][10][11] [12], results in a good RD performance.
Wyner and Ziv applied quantization to the Slepian-Wolf coder; the Wyner-Ziv (WZ) coder is considered to be a milestone and is a principal distributed video codec [2][3].