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I'm a fan of the X-Act grip, finding it comfortable and functional.
Hoyt's X-Act grip works with its Perfect Balance stabilizer system and a riser designed with Weight-Forward and Offset technology to give archers enhanced control and improved accuracy.
X-ACT was a multicenter German study which included 91 patients with moderate to severe CSU marked by at least four angioedema episodes during the 6 months prior to enrollment.
26 January 2012 - US Digirad Corp (NASDAQ:DRAD) said on Wednesday it had garnered CE Mark for its Cardius X-ACT imaging system, allowing the company to market and manufacture its advanced, solid-state camera system in the European Union.
According to i-nova's president: "The X-Act Scents products call for a long creative process which distributors of promotional objects are not used to.
X-ACT is a technology that overcomes a dimensional inaccuracy which is common to all other laser printers, giving users a new level of control over printed output.
According to Heimann, recent generations of the company's X-ray security equipment can easily be retro-fitted with the X-ACT sub-systems and components.
Other highlights include the X-Act Grip that ensures proper hand placement, StealthShot string suppressor, Shock Pod Vibration Damping System and rear stabilizer mount that allows shooters to customize bow balance.
Hoyt builds the Nitrux with the X-ACT Grip, which consists of a one-piece, injection-molded thermoplastic polyurethane semi-wrap that sits in a recessed pocket on the handle.
Additional riser features include a rubber Silent Shelf Pad, X-Act molded polymer one-piece grip, Stealth Shot string stop, roller cable management system and Shock Pod vibration dampers.
The aluminum rig sports a new lowered X-ACT Grip plus a wider limb and pocket stance on the bottom of the bow for increased balance and performance.