X-ACTXML Active Content Technologies Council
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X-ACT was a multicenter German study which included 91 patients with moderate to severe CSU marked by at least four angioedema episodes during the 6 months prior to enrollment.
Because assessment of quality of life was such a major part of X-ACT, the investigators pulled out all the stops.
26 January 2012 - US Digirad Corp (NASDAQ:DRAD) said on Wednesday it had garnered CE Mark for its Cardius X-ACT imaging system, allowing the company to market and manufacture its advanced, solid-state camera system in the European Union.
The X-ACT feature provides an easy, convenient way to calibrate the Accel-a-Writer 3G to unequaled accuracy.
According to Heimann, recent generations of the company's X-ray security equipment can easily be retro-fitted with the X-ACT sub-systems and components.