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X-COMExtraterrestrial Combat Unit (game)
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X-COM is well known not only for our advanced digital waveform generation technology, but for our strong relationships with government and military decision makers, said David Erisman, CEO and Founder of X-COM.
Some years later, the developer of X-COM began work on a sort of sequel called The Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge.
Released in 1993, the original X-COM still reigns as one of the best PC games of all time and has been reimagined as XCOM: Enemy Unknown by the strategy experts at Firaxis Games.
Editors: Please direct readers to X-COM Systems at 12345-B Sunrise Valley Dr.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown is the answer to the 15-year craving that X-COM fans have been experiencing," said Steve Martin, president of Firaxis Games.
XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be instantly recognizable to fans of the original X-COM, while breaking new ground in strategy games for today's console and Windows PC gamers.
The WARP-6000 gives users the ability to capture and analyze dense signal environments more effectively and with greater accuracy than has been achievable using other solutions," says Dave Erisman, chief technology officer of X-COM Systems.
As X-COM is the leading provider of wide bandwidth RF capture, analysis and playback systems, the alliance will accelerate X-COM's ability to develop new products and enhance the value proposition we can provide to our military and aerospace customers.
For the RF spectrum analyzer recording systems we develop, Samplify has the only compression technology which can operate at over 100 megasamples per second in an FPGA to expand our systems' storage capacity," said Todd Smith, CEO of Reston, VA-based X-COM Systems.
Engineering is constantly under pressure to develop products faster and more cost effectively," said David Erisman, Chief Technology Officer, X-COM Systems.
With Over 125,000 Units of the Highly Anticipated X-COM(R) Sequel to Ship To Retail Shelves Nationwide, X-COM Interceptor Joins Company's Chart-Topping
World promotion; X-Com Interceptor, MechCommander(TM), Falcon(R) 4.