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The confinement loss reaches as high as 52 dB/cm for y-polarized light at the wavelength of 1.18 [micro]m but is zero for x-pol light.
This filter causes entire attenuation of the y-pol light beyond the wavelength of 1.1 [micro]m while allows x-pol light to penetrate it thus acting as a band stop polarization filter entirely filtering out y-pol light after 1.1 [micro]m.
(b) X-pol power transmission characteristics in Window Region [R.sub.1].
The X-Pol radar was installed in the city of Osorio, 20.5 km from the main CHUVA site.
The X-Pol radar was installed on the roof of the Meteorology Department of the Federal University of Para along the Guama River, a tributary of the Amazon River.
The main site was installed 11 km from the X-Pol radar, and a succession of sites (spaced by approximately 20 km) was installed along a line perpendicular to the ocean.
As part of the arrangement, Sygnis will buy 100% X-Pol via a capital increase against contribution in kind.
Through the acquisition, Sygnis will shift its focus to the development and marketing of X-Pol's DNA amplification technologies and products.
The most advanced product in X-Pol portfolio is Qualiphi, which is believed to increase the performance of DNA amplifications significantly.
The simulated and measured gain patterns of the co-polarized (Co-pol) and X-pol components are shown in Figure 4 in the frequency range of 3.0 GHz to 8.0 GHz.
Comparing the results shown in Figure 5, Figure 6, and Figure 7, the E-plane's X-pol component increases significantly from 3 GHz to 11 GHz, whereas it remains unchanged in the H-plane.
Our analysis shows that X-pol component of the DLVA with cavity is not affected in the H-plane due to the minimal contribution of the [TM.sub.11] mode in the H-plane.