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XSPECX-Ray/Gamma-Ray Spectral Analysis Package in Xanadu
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(1978) Evidence for strong cyclotron line emission in the hard X-ray spectrum of Hercules X-1.
Example specifications for a rastered x-ray backscatter system for personnel screening X-ray spectrum: Tungsten target, 20[degrees] anode angle, filtration 1 mm Al equivalent, 50 kV potential Focal spot size: 1 mm Tube current: 5 mA Geometry: - center of inspection area: 877 mm from focal spot - beam size at 877 mm: 5.5 mm x 5.5 mm - width of horizontal sweep: 1000 mm - x-ray beam horizontal sweep time: 5.45 ms - field moving up 4.82 mm during each horizontal sweep - each location (at one sweep) exposed approximately 35 ps - total scan height: 2.3 m Duration of each scan: 2.6 s Tilt at top/bottom: [+ or -] 45[degrees] (not exactly specified) Front scan followed by back scan at same conditions Table 3.
Spectral resolution: A measure of the ability to distinguish between adjacent peaks in an X-ray spectrum. It is usually determined by measuring peak width at half the maximum value of the peak height or full-width-half-maximum.
The x-ray spectrum is generated by disregarding the x and y values and simply taking the energy spectrum.
Now, it is observing other pulsars in the X-ray spectrum to see "how nature's fundamental forces behave within the cores of these objects, an environment that doesn't exist and can't be reproduced anywhere else."
S([E.sub.r]) is related to the incident X-ray spectrum and the detector efficiency:
When the torus blocks the line-of-sight (edgeon view), the broad lines cannot be observed in the optical spectra due to dust extinction and the X-ray spectrum is absorbed and becomes "hard" (i.e., flux at higher energies relative to that at low energies increases), as was demonstrated by Awaki et al.
Co-author Mark Reynolds also of Michigan said that because of this gravitational lens, we were able to get very detailed information on the X-ray spectrum - that is, the amount of X-rays seen at different energies - from RX J1131.
But those mechanisms leave signatures in the emitted X-ray spectrum, which this system does not display," said lead author Jifeng Liu, of the National Astronomical Observatories of China, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Astronomers don't agree on what causes QP0s or why they switch on and off, although they do know that the pulses arise during specific accretion states, detectable in the overall X-ray spectrum.
The researchers' work built on an X-ray spectrum survey of the entire sky taken by the orbiting telescope ROSAT in the early 1990s.
reported that the X-ray spectrum of carbon fiber revealed a single peak at about 26 2[theta], indicating an amorphous structure [16].