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While X23A2 provides relatively hard energy x rays, X24A offers x rays in the tender energy range of 1.7 keV to 6 keV which NIST scientists have used for x-ray standing wave, x-ray fluorescence, and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy experiments.
The data exhibit the well-known x-ray standing wave effect for both the Ti 3p and O 2s core lines, as well as for the crystal valence band.
Spicer, Determination of the Sb/Si (111) interfacial structure by back reflection x-ray standing wave and surface extended x-ray absorption fine structure techniques, Phys.
The topics include the basic theory of the molecule-metal interface, scanning tunneling microscope studies of the interfaces, X-ray standing waves and surfaces X-ray scattering studies of molecule-metal interfaces, the fundamental structure of organic solids and their interfaces by photoemission spectroscopy and related methods, and vibrational spectroscopies for future studies of the molecule-metal interface.
Obtaining such data more precisely may now be possible with the use of X-ray standing waves generated inside a crystal.