X-WAVUnix Sound Format
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The X-WAV flat panel and flat panel sector antennas feature Circular Polarization technology, offering superior signal propagation and penetration, with less susceptibility to outside interference and multipath signals.
In addition to its core wheelchair vans, the company offers the X-WAV (Xtreme Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) conversion of the Honda Element, as well as the Chrysler PT Cruiser Rider/Driver and side-and rear-entry Toyota Scion XBs.
Luxul's X-WAV antennas deliver superior signal range in challenging environments where obstructions often impede signal propagation or where mobility is a requirement.
By using X-WAV Antennas we can deliver a significant improvement in signal reach and quality over conventional Antenna technologies, resulting in a more reliable network and better experience for our customers.
X-WAV Antennas utilize Luxul's Clear-WAV[TM] Circular Polarization technology that delivers greater signal reach and penetration.
The 5 GHz X-WAV Antenna family offers a wide range of gain and pattern options.
Delivering a broader range of X-WAV antennas allows for the adoption of Luxul's revolutionary signal technologies into more applications and markets that are actively seeking relief from the poor signal strength and quality of their current antenna solutions," said Tyler Crawford, CEO of Luxul Wireless.