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XWAX-Wing Alliance (Star Wars game)
XWAXtreme Wrestling Association
XWAXtreme Wrestling Alliance (Baltimore, MD)
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But if you can't wait, try out the new PC game Star Wars X-Wing Alliance from LucasArts.
X-Wing Alliance features single and multi-player missions and boasts the biggest battle environments in the X-Wing series.
Expected to release first quarter 1999, X-Wing Alliance continues the critically acclaimed series developed in conjunction with Totally Games.
X-Wing Alliance immerses players in dramatic and intense Star Wars action and offers a significantly enhanced 3D experience.
"The highly anticipated addition of the Millennium Falcon in X-Wing Alliance finally gives Star Wars game fans what they've long hoped for -- the chance to emulate Han Solo by flying the legendary Corellian transport into the heat of battle," said Larry Holland, lead designer for Totally Games.
X-Wing Alliance presents an exhilarating story-driven collection of single and multiplayer missions spread throughout the most expansive battle environments in the history of the X-Wing game series.
The scale of action in X-Wing Alliance is more than doubled over previous Star Wars flight simulations, resulting in more spectacular battles that include twice as many craft and objects.
Throughout X-Wing Alliance players can pilot a variety of familiar and never-before-seen, newly optimized craft, including the Millennium Falcon and Corellian transport ships, the X-wing, A-wing, B-wing, Y-wing and Z-95.
X-Wing Alliance will feature a challenging multilevel pilot proving ground designed to help players learn the basics of flying and hone their gunnery skills.
X-Wing Alliance gameplay includes more than 50 single player missions and five multiplayer missions (Internet: up to four players; LAN: up to eight players; Modem: two players; Serial multi-play support: two players).
Last flight of the FalconX-WING ALLIANCEPC CD ROM WITH the summer about to go Star Wars mad - the Phantom Menace is out in America in just five days - X-Wing Alliance may become a collector's item.
The plot of X-Wing Alliance starts slowly, but builds to a thundering pace.