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XRFAX-Ray Fluorescence Analysis
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Numerous distinguished scholars contributed to the success of this undertaking, mainly by releasing material from museum collections for physical examination by Neutron Activation- and X-Ray Fluorescence analysis.
Claudio Seccaroni of the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy, and the Environment (ENEA) in Rome analyzed dozens of Perugino's works using a technique called X-ray fluorescence analysis. With this method, which does not require the removal of paint samples, Seecaroni and his colleagues detected significant amounts of manganese associated with layers of red lake.
Fundamental parameters solution to the X-ray fluorescence analysis of nickle-iron-chromium alloys including tertiary corrections.
Under the 2 year agreement with the EPA, NIST and its partners will develop urban particulate matter reference materials, a special thin-film glass standard for x-ray fluorescence analysis and technology for large-scale collection of fine airborne particulate matter.
The sections were then attached to cardboard mounts for synchrotron x-ray fluorescence analysis. Thin sections were prepared in the same manner as thick sections except that the shell sections, after grinding, were glued to pure Si[O.sub.2] glass slides with 5-minute epoxy.
Semi-quantitative X-ray fluorescence analysis indicates trace quantities of Mn, U, Hf and Zn.
X-ray fluorescence analysis of early glass from north China identified both soda-lime and lead-based glass.(4) Barium is present in small amounts in 14 of the 45 Chinese samples (including 9 out of 23 from the Northern Song).