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It covers system overview of optical steppers and scanners, optical lithography modeling, optics for photolithography, excimer laser for advanced microlithography, alignment and overlay, electron beam lithography systems, x-ray lithography, extreme ultraviolet lithography, and imprint lithography.
Other NGLs, such as proximity x-ray lithography, electron beam direct write, and ion beam projection lithography, "have fallen by the wayside," says Matisoo.
Molds incorporate interchangeable cavity inserts made with a technology developed in Germany, called LIGA (X-ray lithography and electro-deposition).
X-ray lithography has been under development even longer than EUV technology.
When used in a process called X-ray lithography, the X-rays are largely responsible for LIGA's most desirable benefit--the ability to provide thick parts with extremely parallel surfaces in a part that has otherwise diminutive geometries.
X-ray lithography with SR is driving the development of commercial SR sources (Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Oxford Instruments, Maxwell-Brobeck).
Their topics include microfabrication using x-ray lithography, the size effect in micromachining, laser-based fabrication, pulsed water drop micromachining, deposition routes and applications for nanocrystalline diamond, and commercialization issues.
The ALS has proven to be the ideal vehicle for enabling a process called LIGA, a German technology that uses x-ray lithography instead of conventional metal machining.