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XRRX-Ray Reflectometry
XRRXML Registry/Repository (IBM Websphere)
XRRX-Responsive Region (biochemistry)
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NIST Operating Unit NIST Center for Neutron Research, Science Group Category Reflectivity calculator (matrix formalism) Targeted Users Neutron and X-ray reflectometry NCNR facility users and staff Operating Systems All (requires up-to-date web browser) Programming Language ECMAScript2015 (javascript) and HTML5 and C++2011 and C99 Inputs/Outputs Input layer structure, export calculations or model file for fitting in Refl1d Documentation Help available through button in web interface Accessibility N/A Disclaimer https://www.nist.gov/director/licensing 4.
Supply X 1 diffractometer dedicated to grazing X-ray reflectometry + technical option of an extended warranty of 3 years.