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XTChristmas Tree (subsea oil & gas)
XTExtra Thick
XTX-Ray Technician
XTCross Talk
XTExtended Technology
XTExtreme Terrain (advanced ski or mountain bike areas)
XTCross Train
XTX-ray Tube
XTExotropia (divergent strabismus; outward turning of one or both eyes; aka walleyed)
XTParasolid File (file extension)
XTXtreme Time
XTExtreme Tromboning
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Immediately upon taking the X-ray, the image appears on the computer screen and is checked by the x-ray technician. The image is automatically saved and also transferred to a screen in the exam room.
As a result, x-ray technicians, medical technologists, pharmacists, and therapists are integrated on care teams.
Subash Chander, a senior X-Ray technician of GMC, said that the number of cancer patients has doubled in the last decade.
Alise Lundmark, for instance, quit a successful career as an orthopedic X-ray technician to start her own gem business, Lundmark Lapidary, one of nearly 100 exhibitors at the 18th annual Gem Faire taking place this weekend at the Lane Events Center.
Meanwhile, the X-ray technician was so amazed by my humility -- his view of it -- that he gave my head a little squeeze.
Rachel works full time for Southern Illinois Healthcare as an X-ray technician at Memorial Hospital of Carbondale.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of x-ray technician and anm service for primary health centers thalaku and doddaullarthi in chitradurga district
Ammanullah, Niaz Rasool, Naseem (X-ray technician), Zulfiqar and Tasneem (dresser).
Albayalde said Jumao-as, an x-ray technician, was arrested on Dec.
Dubai An x-ray technician has been accused of stealing from the medical clinic where he worked around Dh30,000 in cash and a cheque worth Dh3,500.
In its First Phase, NAVTTC and OMG/NIMS will develop up-to-date curriculum of Laboratory Technician, X-Ray Technician and Physiotherapist till November 14, 2011, according to International Skill Standards & Curricula and in line with NAVTTC Accreditation Policy & International Accreditation Agreement of OMG/NIMS.
Summary: ABHA: Many young Saudi graduates of a X-ray technician diploma course have been left unemployed following a decision by the Ministry of Health not to employ X-ray technicians who only have diplomas in their fields.