X2OHexadecimal to Octal (conversion)
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After its acquisition in 2014, X2O became part of Barco's Enterprise division, which focuses on solutions for meeting and control rooms.
30 March 2018 - Ohio, US-based digital signage solutions provider Stratacache has acquired Canada-based channel creation and management platform provider X2O Media from Belgium-based Barco, which designs, develops and sells visualisation and sharing solutions, the company said.
We are pleased to have represented Pebble Beach and X2O, both leading digital media software innovators, in highly synergistic acquisitions by global enterprises Vislink and Barco."
The buyerA paid about EUR 14 million (USD 19.5m) for X2O Media according to news agency ANP.
X1 - X1o > X1T, X2 - X2o > X2T, [absolute value of X1 - X1o] - X1T < [absolute value of X2 - X2o] + X2T.
The X2O collaboration room lets employees collaborate on tasks and projects across many different locations.
X2O's Xpresenter is an end-to-end platform designed to make creating, managing and distributing broadcast-quality digital signage content on networks of all sizes available to all users, regardless of technical proficiency or network needs.
Drive communications throughout your organization with Barcos new desktop application, increasing employee engagement and bringing real-time access to X2O channels on screens employees use most.
Barco will also demonstrate new solutions for the connected enterprise enabled by the powerful X2O platform.
Upon entering the lobby, visitors are welcomed by a Barco LCD video wall powered by X2O content management system.
The backbone of IDN is Barcos cloud-based X2O platform, the visual communication platform that delivers real-time visual communications to the right audience, at the right time, on the right device, displayed using Barcos LED, LCD and Projection display solutions.
X2O Media, real-time visual communications solutions provider has launched version 5.5 of its X2O platform, planned to simplify the content management workflow dramatically.