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Currently the program supports the following RAW image formats: 'raw', 'crw', 'cr2', 'nef', 'pef', 'raf', 'x3f', 'bay', 'orf', 'srf', 'mrw', 'dcr', 'sr2'.
e1r-e1f = [(X0r, Y0r, Z0r) (X1r, Y1r, Z1r)] - [(X0f, Y0f, Z0f) (X1f, Y1f, Z1f)]; e2r-e2f = [(X1r, Y1r, Z1r) (X2r, Y2r, Z2r)] - [(X1f, Y1f, Z1f) (X2f, Y2f, Z2f)]; e3r-e3f = [(X2r, Y2r, Z2r) (X3r, Y3r, Z3r)] - [(X2f, Y2f, Z2f) (X3f, Y3f, Z3f)];
It also supports an impressive list of image formats, including JPEG, EXIF, TIFF, GIF, BMP, CRW, ORF (Olympus), NEF, MRW (Minolta), RAF (Fujifilm), X3F (Sigma), as well as audio/video clip formats AVI, MOV, and WAV.