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XACMLExtensible Access Control Markup Language
XACMLExtensible Access Control Markup Language (sometimes seen as EACML)
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The implementation of successful information security implementations should thus include addressing of culture Technical T1 Access control lists can be translated into electronic polices using open standards such as XACML and implemented using SAML T2 Service Oriented Architectures and Web Services can be used for technical interoper-ability; in addition semantic interoperability can be achieved through use of ontologies T4 In general, Security Objectives are Confidentiality which includes authentication, authorization and access control and privacy, Integrity, Availability and Account-ability which includes Trust and Non repudiation Table 2.
That is to say, although XACML permits authorization
i) Great adaptability: the XACML can be normally applied in multiple application environment.
XACML is a way of articulating policy, a core XML schema for representing authorization and entitlement policies, which allows standardization of access control routines across platforms.
The XACML policy model consists of three components: policy set, policy, and rule.
PEP transforms this message into XACML request format and then forwards this XACML request message to PDP.
We are replacing PERMIS, which provides a non-standardised policy language and where the interactions between the PEP and the PDP follow a proprietary protocol, by a PMI using the OASIS SAML and XACML [19] standards.