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XADExperimental and Developmental
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Laskar et al., "New generation Amberlite XAD resin for the removal of metal ions: A review," Journal of Environmental Sciences, vol.
This acquisition will bring together the scale of xAd's global, real-world intelligence and contextual database with WeatherBug's daily user reach and engagement and a data infrastructure built from one of the largest IoT networks, across ten thousand private weather stations (5x larger than the National Weather Services' collection).
Advertising Equals to the total cost of advertising, media, and promotional expenses as reported in the annual Compustat item XAD. I measure advertising expenditures at the end of the year prior to the repurchase announcements.
Basically, the purification consists in liquid-liquid extractions with different organic solvents (hexane, dichloromethane, chloroform, isobutanol) and a solid phase chromatography (Xad 4 Amberlite).
Based on the results of the validated analytical procedure for glass filter and XAD samplers, it can be concluded that 23 OPEs can be determined with a great accuracy (+16%).
22 -- With nearly 74 million smartphone users and mobile ad spending projected to double by the end of 2013 in India, mobile-location based advertising platform xAd has officially announced its expansion into India.
That's the conclusion of a report from Telmetrics and xAd, which says that consumers are beginning their research at home with Web searches and comparison sites.
According to the mutagenicity obtained for the extracts, it is possible to infer that a good recovery of the mutagenic compounds occurred using the procedure of absorption by XAD resins and acidifying previously the water samples at pH 2.
At the beginning of each week of the exposure, a 25 mm Pall Flex filter (Pall Lifesciences, Port Washington, NY) with an Amberlite XAD-4 coating was combined with a noncoated filter in front to provide support to the brittle XAD coated filter.