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XADSeXperimental Accelerator Driven System
XADSXtreme Alternative Defense Systems, Ltd. (Anderson, IN)
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The XADS PD/G-105, MiniGreen, GBD III, HELIOS, and GHOST are Class 3b lasers with sufficient power (100, 75, 250, 465, and 120 mW, respectively) to cause ocular injury at short ranges (17, 18, 10, 10, and 8.2 meters, respectively, based on a 0.25-second unaided exposure) and temporary visual disorientation or flash-blindness at longer ranges.
The NOHD for enhanced vision (i.e., glasses, binoculars, and night vision devices) is 116 meters for the XADS PD/G-105, 120 meters for the MiniGreen, 69 meters for the GBD III, 95 meters for the HELIOS, and 56 meters for the GHOST.
The United States is not party to any treaties that prohibit the possession or use of the XADS PD/G-105, MiniGreen, GBD III, HELIOS, or GHOST systems.
The XADS PD/G-105, MiniGreen, GBD III, HELIOS, and GHOST systems use laser energy to dissuade individuals from approaching within a distance where resort to lethal force may be necessary.
The XADS PD/G-105, MiniGreen, GBD III, HELIOS, and GHOST laser "dazzlers" will provide Soldiers the ability to communicate a visual signal to approaching vehicle driver's to stay back while concurrently assisting in the Soldier's determination of the driver's intent.
XADS is working on StunStrike devices that mount on military vehicles as well as stationary systems designed to deny access to specified areas, like an electric fence without the fence.
Meanwhile, already being tested in Iraq are XADS "photonic disrupter" flash-blinding devices.
Housed in Anderson's Flagship Enterprise Center, XADS employs four now and hopes to triple its employment by year-end, Bitar says.