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XAFExtensible Architecture Framework
XAFCommunaute Financiere Africaine Franc (African Financial Community Franc; money of several African states)
XAFXML (Extensible Markup Language) Architectural Forms (software; programming)
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27,500 XAF (for the RCCM registration fees--for an individual)
5,000 XAF per copy (of the declaration of capital subscription)
400 XAF (for the original and three copies of the declaration affirming the existence of a place of business)
According to the information we received from the authorities, the arrears amounted to XAF 18 billion ($29 million or less than one per cent of Gabon's total debt), of which 83 per cent were to commercial creditors, and 17 per cent were to bilateral lenders.
The depreciation of the CFA franc (XAF)--which is pegged to the euro--against the US dollar will support fiscal revenues, as the government's oil-related revenues are denominated in dollars and the budget is accounted for in XAF.