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XAFExtensible Architecture Framework
XAFCommunaute Financiere Africaine Franc (African Financial Community Franc; money of several African states)
XAFXML (Extensible Markup Language) Architectural Forms (software; programming)
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Most of the time they are stable in the market and pay communal taxes per day (100 XAF) no matter the number of products sold, as they usually sell several products at once (Awono et al.
The estimated sales value of the 9 selected NTFPs mostly sold without official permit in the markets studied is about 9.6 billion XAF (19 million USD) (Table 1).
27,500 XAF (for the RCCM registration fees--for an individual)
* ani ma?amin/maxsiv/roce/moce (et/mi/be) dan lihiyot xaf mipesa
Box 73 CH 3185 Schmitten Switzerland Telephone: 37-36-0155 Fax: 37-36-1972 Sales Manager: Gerard Peltier Plant: Schmitten, Switzerland Products: Extruded Thermoplastic Adhesive Films, Nets, Webs Brand Names: Xiro, Xironet, Xaf, Xiroweb
According to the information we received from the authorities, the arrears amounted to XAF 18 billion ($29 million or less than one per cent of Gabon's total debt), of which 83 per cent were to commercial creditors, and 17 per cent were to bilateral lenders.
The initial loan will come with a 12-month, Au1.02mln (XAF 800mln) customs bond to be offered to Cameroon Customs, enabling its arm, Gaz du Cameroun (GDC), to import the Gensets without paying import duty for 12 months.
ean an merd kar eandan nta.fnuft, jevab-i suol-ro ber dil-i xaf mew meld.
The proceeds (equivalent in local currency West (XOF) and Central African (XAF) CFA francs) will be put to use as part of IHS's acquisition of MTN Group Limited s 1,757 mobile network towers in Cameroon and Cote d Ivoire along with the continuation of IHS s solar energy and build-to-suit programmes for other wireless operators.
In the Cameroon transaction, credit facility is $102 million (XAF 52 billion) and split into $62 million (XAF 32 billion) 5-year tranche and $40 million (XAF 20 billion) 7-year tranche.