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XAP2X-Associated Protein 2
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In the absence of ligand, the AHR can be found in the cytosol bound to a dimer of the heat shock protein of 90 kDa, Hsp90, and the immunophilin-like protein, AIP (also known as XAP2 and ARA9) [8, 9].
So Key Safety Systems (KSS; keysafetyinc.com) selected a low-emission polyoxymethylene, Hostaform S9364 XAP2 from Ticona (ticona.com) to produce the wheel, as well as the ejector in the belt buckle.
Cambridge Consultants has launched a web-downloadable toolkit for its royalty-free RISC processor core, XAP2. The free-trial software development kit (SDK) allows users to write and simulate application software in C or assembler to evaluate the 16-bit processor's architecture for use in an SoC ASIC or FPGA project.