XAXXtreme Auto Expo (New Zealand)
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XAX = B[(AB).sup.(1)] AB[(AB).sup.(1)] = B[(AB).sup.(1)] = X, (8)
Let X [member of] [C.sup.nxm] be such that XAX = X, R(X) = R(B), and N(X) = N(C).
XAX = B[(CAB).sup.(1)] CAB [(CAB).sup.(1)] C = B[(CAB).sup.(1)]C
For other verbs of transfer of information, either the person "asked" or the "information" can appear in postpositionally marked position, as in the case of makula 'ask, beg' in (31) and (32): (31) O ji xax -aa makula n 2P1 DEM.PROX favor -DEF ask 1SG xunjaa -na ma.
The car involved, a red Rover 400, registration S971 XAX, was found abandoned nearby, at the junction of Wilson Road and Snowden Road, where it had crashed into railings.
XAX slang term for abominably bad taste in footwear
Tokyo-based People, established in 1973 and capitalized at 5.04 billion yen, is one of Japan's largest health club operators, running the XAX gyms and Freizeit health care-entertainment facility chain nationwide.
He questions the inclusion of XAX in the 25-word set (see "More Purple Turtles, Part 1" p 261) because this is a Kurdish word.