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XAdESXML (Extensible Markup Language) Advanced Electronic Signature
XAdESXml Advanced Electronic Signatures
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* La integracion de tecnologias como XMLDSIG, XMLEncryption, XMLSAML, WS-Security, XADES y P3P pueden ofrecer buenas practicas para garantizar los requerimientos tanto de cifrado, autenticacion, como de no repudio y suplantacion.
ETSI enables digital signature deployment through the work of its technical committee ESI, but also through interoperability events to cross-validate digital signatures in the formats standardized by ETSI, namely CAdES, XAdES and PAdES (based respectively on Cryptographic Message Syntax, Extended Mark-up Language and Portable Document Format) and Associated Signature Containers (ASiC).
For information purposes, the signature tool integrated platform is Xades format from the 1.10.