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XBAX-Band Antenna
XBAExtra Base Hits Allowed (baseball)
XBAXtreme Basketball Association
XBAXtreme Backyard Assault
XBAXbox Advanced (gaming)
XBAExtra Bases Advanced
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The rabies virus G protein gene plasmid (pGL3-B1-G) was constructed using inactivated VERORAB vaccine (Sanofi, Lyon, France) to obtain RNA template and RT-PCR methods (using primers forward-GGGAAGTTCCCCATTTACACGAT, reverse-CTGTTTATGCACATCGGGGAG) to amply the G-specific coding region, which was used to replace the luciferase gene between the Nco I and Xba I restriction enzyme sites downstream of the B1 promoter.
Restriction of the RCA products with Pst I and Xba I resulted in a 2.8 Kb fragment indicative of a full-length viral genome.
The polymerase chain reaction restriction fragment length polymorphism techniques were successfully adapted to distinguish between the four possible abalone species in the region using two restriction enzymes, Fok I and Xba I.
Plasmid isolated from the PCR confirmed colonies were further confirmed for presence of CVMV-CP gene by restriction analysis using Xba I and Bam HI restriction enzymes, which released a fragment of 531 bp CVMV-CP gene (Fig.
Richard Rees of XBA added: "The transaction presented a few challenges for the funding market, however with the proactive attitude and support of UK Steel Enterprise and Finance Wales we were able to ensure that Gary achieved his long held ambition to run and operate his own successful business."
The P- GFP-T fragment was digested with Xba I / Hind III enzymes, and then was cloned into pK-Ben plasmid cut with Xba I / Hind III, resulting in an inverted insertion of P-GFP-T fragment between the trpC promoter and Hind III site in the pK-Ben, yielding plasmid pK-Ben-GFP (Fig.
The 35S::DBD- (GAL4-DNAbinding domain-) CMYB1 effector plasmid was constructed by inserting DNA fragments containing CMYB1 coding region and GAL4-DNA binding domain sequence of pGBKT7 vector (Clontech, USA) into the Spe I and Xba I sites of pA7.
Ltd., Dalian, China) using Nde I and Xba I sites and verified by DNA sequencing.
The use of dual-woofers don't make the UE900's uncomfortably bass heavy, unlike certain Sony XBA earphones.
difficile-associated disease, highlighting prevention of inhibitory xBa degradation.
Following deletion of the vector Xba I site by digestion with Xba I, Klenow polymerase treatment, and religation (yielding pKTS 536), an Xba I linker was inserted into the unique Stu I site, yielding pKTS 540.
pJC2 encodes GFPuv, which is easily detected by long wave UV illumination and was derived from the pGFPuv vector so it has several unique restriction sites (Sph I, Pst I, Xba I, Xma I, Sma I, Kpn I, Asp718 I and Age I) to facilitate promoter cloning.